The fear of getting things wrong

One of the easiest ways to identify if you have an issue with perfectionism in some way, shape or form is to look at how you react to when you make mistakes (or what feels like a mistake).

How easily are you able to move on from the moment?

How do you feel about or towards yourself once the moment has passed?

What do you feel you need to bounce back from the moment?

Something like stumbling over your words can become something you fixate on for days or weeks.

It could result in you feeling like you’re incompetent or worrying that’s how other people perceive you. maybe you start feeling like you should speak less or spend more time preparing what you will say to ensure it comes out as seamlessly as possible.

You might think you need some form of validation from the people that heard you stumble over your words to cancel out or nullify the uncomfortable feelings of not getting it right. It’s unhelpful to allow every time you don’t get something right to negatively alter your sense of self. Instead what you really need is more self-compassion and more self-acceptance.

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