Feel the fear…

…and do it anyway.

The feeling of fear often comes up in a situation that is new or when there is a level of uncertainty.

We forget that it’s human nature to have that feeling of anticipation and I think what we end up doing is confusing it for ‘danger’.

The kind of danger where fight or flight is necessary is much rarer than our minds will have us believe.

In your day to day life when was the last time you encountered something dangerous?

Consistency, commitment and a lack of heart

There’s a line from an oasis song that goes ‘you can’t get a life if your hearts not in it” It’s funny how a moody 90s band can just totally get you.

I’ve been thinking about how sometimes it’s easy to create things from a place of heart and feeling but other days not so much.

But then I thought, is it always necessary?

Does everything that you do have to be you pouring out from your core?

Or can you just write, create and express without doing so.

I’ve managed to remain consistent and committed to blogging daily which has always been my goal and will always be my focus.

However, I never considered how I would feel towards the things I’d written or if I’d be content with a lack of heart in the words I was sharing.

Paris is burning

Last night I read the news that the Notre Dame in Paris was burning, apparently it was 850 years old.

Today I read an article about rich people offering millions to fix it. At first I thought that it was amazing that they were willing to offer so much money but then I changed my mind.

It was interesting that people seemed to express so much sadness over the loss of a building and I couldn’t help but wonder if those feelings were extended to tragedies that involve the loss of human life (then I realised that perhaps I was just being judgmental).

The building was already costly to maintain pre-fire but as it’s a major tourist attraction (visited more than the eiffel tower) it’s understandable why the costs would be considered worth it.

But apparently it’ll cost billions to rebuild/repair.

I can’t help but think about how tragic it is that even if billions are spent to try and recreate what once was it’ll never be the same again.

The fear of being seen

Being quiet stops people from noticing you as much, except they always notice that you’re quiet.

In certain environments this is seen as a bad thing sometimes because it bothers people.

Perhaps I simply fear being seen yet I’m happy to show up with my words online or my appearance in person through ‘interesting’ outfits.

After all its not me, it’s my words or it’s not me,it’s my dress.

I’m feel like being quiet is something you’re meant to grow out of so maybe I’m just stubborn.

But I’m working on it.

Thinking of you and getting things done

Sometimes I wonder about the people that read my blog.

How old are you?

What do you do for a living?

Are you into fashion (I am!)?

What do you like about my blog?

What do you want to see more of?

Some of those questions are worth asking more than others but overall I’m not sure that I can say it’s information that I need.

It’s just my curiosity.

Sometimes when we’re working on a task or project we focus too much on things that don’t actually add to the work that we’re doing.

Granted sometimes they do add to the work but if the majority of my effort or time is going into something that is only a small part of the work overall, then I wont end up with the result that I really want.