A wonderful regression

A few days ago I created a Feedly account so that I could start following blogs again.

It felt like a wonderful regression back to the days where blogging was the big thing and I would spend my weekday evenings but mainly Sunday mornings reading through new blog posts from all the sites I followed on Bloglovin’.

After more than a decade, I still love reading blogs and I still love having one.

I don’t read blogs as much as I used to and most of my favourites no longer have blogs or no longer update them.

Plus, with the rise in short-form content (like images with a caption or a quick video), it began to feel like blogs were too slow.

But, this year I really started to miss how it felt to read blogs. Compared to social media content, blogs feel much more intentional and less trend based or for the moment. I think part of me is hoping I’ll start spending more time reading blogs and less time on things like Instagram and Twitter.

I won’t deny that social media is fun and entertaining. However, these days on Twitter I find what feels like half of my feed filled with tweets by people I don’t follow. These days on Instagram my content consumption is very passive and it feels like it’s more about taking in as much as possible rather than really looking and appreciating the images and videos.

And so, to regress back to blogs where I can choose exactly what I want to consume and slow down enough to enjoy it feels quite wonderful.

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