The feeling not the thing

Whilst thinking about the idea of missing out on certain aspects of life, an interesting thought came to me.

What if it’s the feeling we missed out on, not the thing itself. Think about how 2 people can do something totally different but it brings up the same feeling. Or about how you can do totally different things that bring out the same feelings in you?

And if we agree that’s the case then instead of looking at what we missed out on and trying to find ways to do it or hold unpleasant feelings because of the life we didn’t or haven’t lived, we can identify the feeling the experience would have given us.

Maybe it’s the feeling of liberation. Ask yourself, what can I do to feel more liberated?
Or perhaps its the feeling of having a full heart. What can you do to feel more heart-full?

I think that’s more important than trying to make up for the life you haven’t lived. Perhaps liberation for one is 3 months of travelling but for you it’s growing vegetables in your garden and eating them.

Perhaps heartful for one is a 2 week holiday with 20 of their closest friends but for you it’s weekly walks with a close friend at your side and a smoothie in hand.

The point is, if it’s the feeling that matters more than the thing itself then you haven’t missed out because if there’s something you haven’t felt yet, there’s still time to feel it.

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