There are more than two options

A few weeks ago I was inspired by a reader to stick with this blog once the year comes to a close.

I realised that it would be perfectly fine to just keep this blog and post less, it didn’t have to be a choice between posting really often or not at all. I also realised how grateful I would be for keeping this blog as the years go by and I’m able to look back on how much I’ve grown and developed.

In 2023, I’ll be shifting my time towards a new project. I initially thought that meant I needed to delete this blog or just stop updating it. However, I love what I’ve created here and I know that no matter what I move on to do in the future having a space to share my words on self-exploration, self-help and self-discovery will always feel important.

And so, in 2023 I’ll still be here. It won’t be daily and I probably won’t stick to a schedule but I’ll be here.

Take this as a reminder that sometimes we have more options than we realise. Often the choices we don’t realise are available to us end up being the best choices to make.

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