Finding the right perspective

If something didn’t work out the way you wanted and you feel bad about it and you can’t seem to shake the feeling, what can you do to help yourself?

I often find myself in a place of limbo trying to find balance between the more practical side of me and the part of me that has my head in the clouds. I’m a bit of a dreamer and I always have been.

The idea of timing from a practical perspective is just a story that we tell ourselves to make sense of the world. It justifies things not working out now in the past when they’ve worked out better in the future.

But from a head in the clouds/dreamer or maybe in just a spiritual perspective, there is much more to it. When things don’t turn out the way I may have wanted it helps for me to find the lesson. Doing so allows me to accept the situation and then move on.

That coupled with a strong core belief of life always working itself out and life just being wonderful in general, it truly works wonders.

And for me when it comes to what we choose to believe, the way we see the world and the perspectives we hold it is often a case of simply finding what works for you. My younger self would have perhaps felt silly for the way I choose to see things now but she was much more miserable and prone to wallowing when things didn’t work out.

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