Six degrees of separation

It’s important to have aspirations.

It’s also important not to create a sense of separation between where you are and where you want to be.

I like to think of it as six degrees of separation but for life aspirations. You’re never so far from the life that you want.

For example, most of us have habits that we want to develop but what stops us is the belief that these other people with the habits we want are different, they’re better at sticking with things or it’s just easier for them.

But we can be people that stick at things too, there is no great separation unless we want there to be. The idea of separation can end up just becoming an excuse that stops you trying to create the life you want.

Then, your life stays exactly the same and you probably become the kind person that is always complaining, not realising that that it’s your perception and beliefs that are stopping you from having the kind of life that you want.

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