Easy and fulfilling

Those are 2 words I’d use to describe the things we often end up doing in our free time. We look at what requires the least effort and go with it.

Then, once it’s over, we don’t feel great because we know we’d have been better off doing something else. In an ideal world things could be easy and fulfilling and that is sometimes the case but not always.

Many times in the life the things that will fulfil us the most require or focus, time and commitment. Those things don’t always feel easy to give when it’s 6.30pm and you’ve just gotten home after a long day at work and you need to cook dinner, wash up, do laundry, shower and get ready for bed but you also want some time to relax and do nothing.

So, when you have to make the choice between things like watching a show or scrolling social media and reading, doing a workout or writing articles for your hobby website it’s not a difficult decision to make.

But then you look at your book shelf and see the book you bought 2 years ago that you were supposed to start reading 18 months ago. You scroll on your website and see that your content has been sporadic and your notebook is full of ideas that you never brought to life.

You think about how much of your day you spend sitting down and wonder why you can’t spend at least 20 minutes on some form of heart-rate increasing movement like skipping or dancing because you know that it’s what your body needs.

This is not about productivity, it’s about how what you choose to spend your time on impacts the way that you feel. It’s also about learning to make decisions that will benefit you in the long run instead of just picking what feels easiest in the moment because those things are rarely the most fulfilling.

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