Just another average option

Often times new, exciting and innovative things that in their origin intended to break away from the norm end up becoming the very thing they were trying to break free from.

The alternatives to taxis, hotels and old media have ended up becoming like their predecessors. And if they haven’t become like their predecessors (or perhaps alongside doing so) they come with a heap of their own issues that now result in them being almost equal to what they were trying to surpass.

But by this point they’ve managed to obtain enough market share to remain viable so innovation becomes less important. When you’re just another average option and everything is average people will choose you simply by chance. If everything is average then the customers choice is nothing personal, they simply had to make a choice and they happened to choose you.

I think innovative things become average for 2 reasons. The first is that they stop innovating and we just get used to them so it’s no longer new, fresh and exciting. The other is that they only stay innovative long enough to build a stable audience. The innovation was a short-term gimmick rather than a long term goal.

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