Most popular blog post

I had this idea that each time I write and click publish, it needed to be really good. In doing so i forgot that this blog is a writing practise and the point of practise isn’t to be perfect every time but to put in the work little to by little to eventually get better over time.

Furthermore, this blog is created by short writing pieces that make up a whole. It’s very different to a book. With books you can edit the bad writing days out on a good writing day when the words are flowing with greater ease. Then, it’s as though the bad writing days they never even happened.

But it’s different with a daily blog. I think it would be impossible to only publish posts written on a day when writing feels easy. I remember Seth Godin and I remember him saying that most of his blog posts are below average.

It’s a great reminder that peaks and troughs are normal, that not everything will feel like your best work.

At the same time, the reader does not perceive things as the writer does.

It often goes that the blog post the writer gave the least effort to or the one that they wish could have been better, goes on to become one their most popular blog posts.

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