Have you got 2 minutes?

A few years back I was sent a book (amongst other things) as my reward for donating money to someone wanting to start a business.

The book was called Two Minute Mornings by Neil Pasricha.

The concept of the book is pretty simple, each page is the same.

You write the date, something you’ll let go of, things you’re grateful for and three things you’ll focus on.

Despite it being nothing too onerous, it felt like something I didn’t have time for.

But how could I not have 2 minutes to spare, how could that be possible?

Then one Sunday morning, I sat in bed drinking hot chocolate and watching a YouTube video that inspired me. It inspired me to take a few minutes to fill out the first page of my Two Minute Morning book.

And once I was done, I realised that the problem was never that I didn’t have the time, it was that I wasn’t willing to make the effort.

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