A love that is liberating

Today I’m inspired my past self who had the ability to write poetry with great ease, with little consideration for whether or not it was good.

It’s valentines day and I spent it listening to music I love, listening to a podcast that made me laugh and eating a meal I like.

Below are a few poems I started, very much still in the draft stages but I’ll probably never finish them.

The first is about hands, the second is a memory from a couple of years ago and the last is an attempt at a haiku that isn’t quite right.


There was great love between their hands,

Long fingers intertwined like strong knots that are hard to break.

Holding hands tighter in fear or in reassurance,

Loosening the grip as a reminder of their freedom to be together.

There was great love between their hands,

One tracing their fingers along the lines of the others palms,

Or one with their fingers tips against the others wrist,

Feeling the pulse of their beating heart.

Their is great love between their hands,

And great love between them,

A love that is soft, kind, gentle and liberating.


Sweet lovers

Laying out under the sun

In a field of green grass

Hand in hand

Fingers intertwined

Saying not a word


Today I love you much more

Than I loved you yesterday

And the day before

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