How many times has this tweet been viewed?

Today I went on Twitter and saw a graph and number on the left hand side of each tweet indicating how many times it had been viewed.

My first thought was if there was a way to turn it off.

It doesn’t benefit me to see how many times a tweet has been viewed. It’s just an extra number to be distracted by as I scroll down the timeline.

Plus, Twitter already shows me so much of what I don’t want to see.

Tweets by people that are followed by people I follow and tweets about random topics, many of which I’m not interested in. When I’m scrolling, there is so much clutter in between what I’ve actually chosen to follow.

And it already shows the number of likes, retweets and replies but now there are more numbers.

But it’s of no use to me, I’ve never scrolled Twitter and wanted to know how many times a tweet has been viewed.

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