Open to new ideas

We often make grand plans for the kinds of life we want to live. Then we carry them with us and work towards them. These plans influence who we connect with, what we do in our spare time, how we spend our money and maybe even how we present ourselves to the world.

But, sometimes things change. Sometimes we realise that we no longer want to be the person we once aspired to. it’s like yearning after a pair of boots and when you finally get them they don’t quite fit like you thought they would or you don’t feel as good in them as you anticipated.

You then have the opportunity to be open to new ideas. Ask yourself ‘What could I do instead?’ or ‘What else am I interested in?’.

The issue occurs when we’re closed off, when we’re not open to new ideas because we spent so much time on the old ones. And so you keep the pair of boots and force yourself to wear them because you finally have them but the truth is you don’t really want them anymore.

It can be difficulty changing pathways in life, especially when you’re not sure where it will lead or what the end goal is. But if you can trust that things will turn out more than okay it becomes quite exciting.

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