The goal of a routine

If you’re doing the same set of activities on a regularly basis over time it’ll become part of your routine.

It’ll be set into your subconscious to the point where you go from start to finish with little to no thought in between.

That saves you a lot of energy because you’re no longer having to think about what to do next.

Sometimes when we take a break and spend our time differently, the routine that was so ingrained in us falls away.

All of a sudden the thing you once did at the exact same time each day doesn’t get done at all or you end up doing it hours later than you usually would.

Once the break is over the old routine (if implemented well for a long enough period of time) will fall back into place, almost as though it never left, that’s the kind of result I aim for with the routines I implement into my life.

It’s almost like how people say you don’t forget how to ride a bike, except routines can be forgotten if you step away from them for long enough.

Losing a good habit

It’s a gradual thing.

One day you have a solid morning routine and the next you’re running down the street with half your shirt undone hoping you have don’t miss the bus and that you have everything you need.

But it’s not as simple as that, the loss of a habit takes time.

It starts with pressing snooze, then skipping meditation and moves on to not even prepping the night before.

Some routines are hard to keep and sometimes we think that we want to bend away from what we know serves us, just to see what happens.

And sometimes we do it to remember why we implemented the routine in the first place.

If your life is in a rut…

I think sometimes it’s easy for life to become a bit if a rut. Up at 0630, out by 0730, start work at 0830 finish at 1700, get home for 1800.

Then eat, do a few house things like washing the dishes or laundry followed by things like reading, browsing online or watching a bit of telly. Before you know it it’s time to shower and get ready for bed just to do it all over again in the morning.

When this is how your life goes it’s easy to stop thinking about what you really want from life, what makes you happy or what you want to do more of.

So, when you start to notice a rut in your day to day life make a conscious effort to stop and ask yourself those important questions.

You might find that you’re happy and content with your current life and routine but on the other hand you may find that you feel stuck with where you’re at. Perhaps you’re now 3 years deep into a job that was supposed to a temporary thing whilst you figured out what you really wanted and you might realise that you settled.

If that’s the case I come bearing good news, your life can change for the better if you’re willing to do something about it.

Make a good habit easier

Implementing good habits into your life can be difficult and so you might be put off from making changes in your life.

However the simple thing that might not have occurred to you is that you can try to make a good habit easier to keep up with.

It could be as easy as placing a glass of water at your bedside every night and carrying a refillable bottle with you where ever you go.

Downloading a guided meditation that you can listen to offline and setting your morning alarm with a note that reads ‘meditation time’ as a prompt.

Creating an evening ritual of preparing lunch for the next day whilst listening to a podcast at a set time daily.

Think about how you can arrange your day to make the habit you want to start practicing a seamless part of your routine.

Once you do that you’ll notice things get a little easier as long as you’re committed and willing to try.