Changing my routine

Around 7 years ago I read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and I loved it. It was during a period of deep learning after I became committed to understanding more about myself.

A key point in the book was the concept of the habit loop. It was the idea that habits are made up of 3 parts: cue, routine and reward.

I recently applied this theory to the writing habit I developed growing up.

My cue was feeling overwhelmed, the routine was writing and the reward was the release of being able to express myself.

But over a decade later my routine has changed. I’m much more likely to turn to qi-gong, box breaths, breathwork, eft or dance.

Those things aren’t new to me but it’s been a gradual shift away from writing and towards movement and intentional breathing. The reason for this is that even though I love writing it no longer benefits me to write about everything that happens, to hold it tight enough to capture it on paper or type it.

And so, I’m writing less of the sorts of things that I used to write, less of the sort of things I used to share on this blog. I’m now asking myself, what do I actually want to write about? How much do I want to share and how often?

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