Worth looking back on

This morning, for the first time in perhaps close to a year, I read Seths Blog.

I discovered that he had a new book coming out soon called The Song of Significance.

I was reminded of what it was like when I first read Seths blog over a decade ago. I then got thinking about my own blog and what it has become.

TDG is not what it once was but when I look through the archives of the past 4 years, I struggle to figure out why I was so keen for things to change.

I’m so proud of this blog because I really did exactly what I set out to do.

I wanted to create a space full of my own words that I could come back to when I was stuck or needed inspiration. There have been so many times when the words I have written deeply resonates with something I’m going through or have experienced months or even years later.

There is so much value in what I’ve created which is why I go back and read my own posts.

The interesting part of all this is that when I blogged in my teenage years, I often wrote posts that made me wince if I ever went back and read them.

These days I write things for the moment whilst simultaneously knowing that I may not even receive the most potent message or inspiration from my own words for another few months.

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