A new years resolution by any other name

When it comes to new years resolutions the way I see it is that it’s simply a record of what you want for yourself.

The term new years resolutions has gotten a bad rap over the years. It’s associated with a sort of temporary promise that you make at the start of the year and you spend the following days or weeks waiting to break it and then go back to being your usual self.

And so, we use other words like goals, plans or intentions even though it turns out they’re all synonyms for each other.

I like to give my years a theme, something a little more vague and less rigid. But I also like to make plans/goals.

At the end of the year or start of the new year I like to write a list of things I’d like to do. Some of them are specific like get a promotion and some are more vague like spend more time on crafts.

The way I come up with my plans for the year is by thinking, when I look back on this year, what would I want it to include. Maryam Hasnaa has often shared how we should focus on how we want to feel and not the thing itself because when we seek a specific thing we might not feel good when we get it. Whereas, if we know the way we want to feel we open ourselves up to feel good no matter what we receive.

At the core of a new years resolutions, goals, plans, intentions or a vision/manifestation board is wanting something for your life.

That should come at any time of year but the new year always feels more powerful so we make a bigger deal out of it.

But I think that’s perfectly okay, the problem only occurs if you get into the habit of waiting until the new year to try and change your life.

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