5 things to do instead of blogging

For the past year or so I’ve been thinking about other ways that I can create and share it with people outside of blogging.

As someone that has been blogging for over a decade across various sites, I often think about the alternatives. What would would I do if I didn’t blog?

The internet gives us a plethora of opportunities to share our work online. We can have video, audio, written and visual content. It can be paid or free. It can be open or closed (think a public vs private Instagram account, a membership or email content you have to sign up for).

You could try something in one format and then move to another, you could try something in one format and then expand to include another.

Blogging is the only type of content creation I’ve ever really tried and stuck with long term but it’s interesting to think about the other ways that I could create moving forward.

I could film myself discussing topics or create a visual presentation and do a voice over as I talk through my ideas.

I could record myself talking about the topics and possibly have guests where we delve into their experiences, tools they use and how they’ve changed their lives for the better.

I could create info-graphics and more visual, sharable content. This would be focused on bite size content that is easy to digest.

Guest blog
I could write for other sites instead of having my own site. Essentially doing what I do now but less often and without a single space for my own work

I could write a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter with the content of a blog post, plus extra things like book, article, listening or viewing recommendations.

I think these things are all great ideas that would work well separately or in combination. It’s also a great reminder that if something isn’t working the problem might be the format not the idea itself.

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