You cannot not communicate

I’ve recently been pondering on thoughts about communication that I’ll share as some journalling prompts:

Who do you communicate best with and why?

What stops you communicating when you don’t feel good?

Do you find it easier to communicate over the phone, in person or through written words?

There’s an NLP presupposition that goes you cannot not communicate. It means that we are always communicating something.

We often tend to think that by saying nothing we’re neutral. The reality is, perhaps it is our body language or an outsiders perception of us having nothing to say in the moment that sends the message.

When you’re in a situation that doesn’t feel easy, it can be difficult to string words together and communicate where you’re at or how you feel.

So, you decide to say nothing and you believe that means you’re not communicating anything at all.

But, if you can’t not communicate then even saying nothing says something. I think this serves a gentle reminder to be aware of how we choose to respond in situations that we find ourselves in.

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