Why I’ve decided not to quit

I’ve previously written a post titled Short term creative projects.

It was about things not needing to last, about having temporary projects and producing work in seasons.

Those thoughts came from me wanting to make changes with how I choose to create moving forward.

I’ve always struggled to keep a long-term vision. I find myself with all the enthusiasm at the beginning but then it slowly begins to wane, by 2 years I’m almost always considering packing it in and by 3 years I’ve more than likely moved on to something else.

This blog is in it’s 4th year but I’ve thought about quitting several times. I haven’t managed to grow it in the way that I’d have wanted. I had a vision for worksheets, visual blog posts shared on Instagram, community and even a newsletter.

I guess all in all the reality didn’t match up with my vision. There is part of me that really feels like I’ve fallen short of my own expectations and in a lot of ways it’s true.

But I’m not ready to quit this blog yet. I might not have the most followers, the most likes or the highest views but I’ve managed to create something I genuinely love and am proud of.

I look back on old posts from 2019 with great fondness. The archives are an example of what it is to learn and grow over time. They are an exploration of life that includes mental health, creativity, friendship and career.

This blog has given me the chance to share a big part of who I am without needing to explain myself and for that I am grateful.

The essence of what this blog is about has always been a long term thing. I want to get back to the clarity I had when I first started rather than totally changing this blog or quitting to start something new.

I think it’s important to be able to stick at things instead of just quitting when it feels difficult.

Rather than trying to branch out with a newsletter and Instagram content I want to put my time into just writing blog posts because for me that’s the most important thing.

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