Minimum effort required

I used to think that I was the kind of person that went above and beyond, always doing more than the bare minimum.

That was until I had a situation where I found myself doing the bare minimum and I realised that this was not the first time.

I’d fallen into being a bare minimum betty a long time ago. Probably from when I first stared to face challenges in my life. I got into the habit of thinking ‘well I don’t know how to do this so I’ll just do as much as I can and hope it’s enough.’

In many cases I got into the habit of just not trying or giving up quite easily. In some cases I’d just avoid whatever doing the thing I found challenging until the last minute so I couldn’t give more than the minimum effort because I didn’t have the time.

The worst part is, it’s been easy to keep up with because often the bare minimum is just enough.

What’s the takeaway?

Sometimes I worry that I’m not very good at this, that even though I’m posting every single day, something is still missing.

I’ve told a few people in my life about this site but because it’s so rough and unpolished I don’t really want to shout about The Daily Gemm from the rooftops. But maybe that’s what I should be doing, maybe not shouting but at least telling more people.

Perhaps what is missing from this site is more of me. I want to put more effort into what I’m sharing and so that at least one person can take something from each piece I write.

And maybe that person will pass it on.


The exchange principle

This concept was one I came up with around 5 years ago. It’s the idea that things have a way of balancing themselves out, with no effort.

For example, the thing that you put all your efforts into doesn’t work out but you don’t end up with nothing. It’s like the universe gives you exchange and you end up with something else instead.

The best part is, it’s often something better or something you hadn’t even considered.