The ‘Do It Now’ day

When you’re not ready to handle something the best thing to do is to put it aside.

But sometimes when you leave things for much longer than necessary and you’re no longer taking the time to figure out how to manage a challenge problem, you’re just avoiding it.

Often once you start avoiding something it starts to feel harder to tackle. And so, you put it off for a time when you feel more capable but as you avoid it, the thought of tackling it becomes more and more overwhelming.

When this happens the easiest way to get it done is to have a ‘Do It Now’ day where you dedicate a day (or whatever period of time you have available) to doing the things that you’ve been avoiding. And, as soon as you start, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders because more often than not the things we avoid are never as bad, difficult or challenging as we think they will be.

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