Excited today and bored tomorrow

I consider myself to be an ideas person which is both exciting and frustrating. There is always some idea that I’m mentally working on, long before I even start to make it a physical reality. But there are are so many great ideas I’ve had that I’ve ended up putting aside or letting fizzle away to nothing.

The reason for this is that it’s not possible for me to do everything I think of doing or the ideas are far past my capabilities. But another reason that’s not so easy to admit is that sometimes I get swept up in the excitement of it all.

It’s exciting to write up plans, make products and buy materials or equipment. Consistency, dedication and commitment feel much less exciting. So when the excitement of something new wears off I end up bored and much less motivated to take things forward, even if I’m able to see the potential long-term vision.

Having this blog has really helped me learn how gratifying it can be to stick at something long-term. I’ve managed to end up being excited by the commitment of this writing practice even when it feels difficult to keep showing up and clicking publish.

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