When feeling low becomes the norm

I read something today that struck a chord with me.

People were making judgements on how a person dealt with a something difficult that they felt unable to overcome.

I write about overcoming challenges and finding solutions to difficult problems all the time. But it is so important to acknowledge that some challenges are much harder than others.

There may be days when taking a walk and being in nature is enough to ease your burden. There may be days when those things aren’t enough. Although they may provide some slight relief, you return home feeling just as low as when you left.

When those days of feeling low become your norm, you might begin to forget what it’s like to feel any other way. It’s hard to have hope when you see no way out. It’s hard to find solutions when you feel completely stuck.

Imagine you’re inside an empty pool that is starting to fill up and you can’t swim and then someone puts a lid over the top.

There is no way to survive that and if that’s how a person is experiencing life then who is anyone to pass judgement on the choices they make.

Some peoples experiences are far beyond our comprehension and it is so important to accept that instead of criticising how they choose to manage things.

And for those that are in the thick of it, I can only imagine how difficult things feel and hope you’re able to get all that you need to make it through.

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