Joy and tragedy

It’s can be easy to end up feeling guilty for being in a state of of joy when you know that people in other countries have had their lives turned upside down. How do we balance joy and tragedy?

I think the answer is that we don’t.

I used to think to think that you needed to be in a place of feeling what the other people were feeling to be able to show care and support for what they were going through.

But there’s this idea that I’ve seen come up a few times, about how it doesn’t really benefit anyone for you to be in a deep place of sadness or feel guilt for your own joy because of what might be happening in various places across the world.

I think sometimes this idea gets twisted into this thing of people not caring which is unfortunate. For me it just means that you don’t have to tailor your feelings to align with the tragedies of the world and you don’t need to put your happiness aside. It’s okay to have your moments of joy.

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