The summer of…

…love, friendship, reading, art, romance and so on. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to figuring out the kind of summer you want to have, I think a good place to start is thinking about how you want to spend your time, what sorts of things you want to be doing and what you will be making a priority.

We often carry around with us the image of an ideal summer that is based around great expectations and doesn’t even really suit who we are. For example, a summer of parties, dinners and late nights when you like going to bed at a reasonable time and prefer being social one on one rather than in a big group.

We end up coming up with an ideal summer based on something we’ve seen or the way that we’ve been taught things should be instead of based on who we are as people.

It can be fun to daydream but day dreams can often end up becoming part of your reality so you may as well dream about something you actually want that will bring you more joy rather than something that you think you should be doing based on other people’s ideas and expectations.

Open yourself up to other possibilities, perhaps instead of the summer of love you have a summer of drawing, baking, writing short stories or even simply relaxing.

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