A simple act of nothingness

I was recently reminded that no, I do not always need to push through and continue on as normal if I’m not feeling well.

I decided to take a much needed break and just rest. I lay in bed and drifted in and out of slumber, reflected on how I was feeling within myself and drank ginger tea.

It felt amazing to not have pushed on with working, studying and writing. Granted writing doesn’t take much out of me physically but I also needed to give my mind a rest which I don’t do enough.

As I lay in bed with my fleece on and a blanket at my feet with no phone, book, laptop or pen and paper, I realised that this simple act of nothingness had become a rarity in my life.

It was like a sort of informal mediation. It was much needed and I couldn’t help but think what a shame it was that it took me feeling unwell to simply take a moment for myself.




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