Godin, writers block and the inner monologue

I’m less than a month in and I feel like I’m already of running out of things to write. Maybe I’m trying too hard to be interesting rather than just pouring out thoughts. But I need to remind myself that first and foremost this writing everyday and posting it thing is for me.

But at the same time if I ever think that I’ve run out of things to write, the words of Seth Godin come to mind. He talks about how writers block doesn’t exist, he advises people to write like they talk and says that we never run out of things to say, we don’t get talkers block etc. And Seth is right too because my inner monologue is always on the go throughout the day, and I write every single day and have done for years.

I think the problem is too much focus on 365 posts, which is overwhelming rather than just one thing every single day.

I think that sounds much more manageable.

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