This isn’t a post about cars

Imagine that you want to buy a pink car so you go to the dealership and they show you this amazing range of cars including pink ones which you express your interest in and now you’re super excited.

But when they later present a car to you, it’s not pink.

You feel a little disappointed but then wonder if maybe you were expecting too much afterall ‘do you really need a car that’s pink?’, blue is okay too.

You decide to accept the blue car because you really wanted a car and it’s what the dealership offered you.

But when you’re driving around, something feels off because you know that this car isn’t what you wanted, you settled.

We settle for all kinds of reasons:

  • We allow people convince us that our wants/expectations are too much
  • We don’t want to offend people
  • We don’t believe that we deserve the things we want

This isn’t a post about cars (of which I know next to nothing about), it’s a post about settling and for a lot of us if we do it (even in small ways) much more than we realise.

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