Dream life and self-belief

If you could plan a day in your dream life what would it include and how much does it differ from how you currently live.

Use it as a journal prompt or just something to day dream about. I’ve been thinking a lot about my dream life recently and there are a few things that I plan to do over the next 6 to 9 months to really get things rolling.

One of my most limiting qualities is that I’m a creature of comfort, I’m not as much of a go-getter as I’d like to be which is why my life is much less than it could be.

But I’m also an optimist and a dreamer, I hold the belief that my dream life is possible.

Anyway enough about me, the point I wanted to make today is that the life you dream about is feasible.

Perhaps I say that because my own dream life is so simple. A few things that are part of my dream life are writing, being by the coast or countryside and making things with my hands whether that is textile art or i decide to take up carpentry I have no idea.

People often talk as though they are stuck in a miserable life and pretty much say that there’s no way to do what they really want or even just do something they like a little more. Henry ford would say they’re right and I’d agree with him.

As much as sometimes many of us would rather not admit, much of a persons ability to achieve things is a mindset thing and there are a lot of us out their who lack the Self belief to make things happen.

Leave a comment or drop me an email (thedailygemm@gmail.com) sharing a few things from your dream day or dream life.

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