Introspection and extrospection

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asking myself the question ‘what is this blog about?’.
I’ve been thinking about the topics I share most often and how that can be encapsulated into a few words, a clear answer to my question.

Over the past few months I’ve been in a personal development, problem solving, self-help space which is reflected in my writing.

But in the last few days the ideas I’ve had for blog posts have been things I’ve noticed or observed, nothing to do with personal development.

I was then reminded of the origin of this blog, taking the opportunity to notice something in myself or the world then use that to find a lesson, growth point or a helpful reminder.

It’s a balance of introspection and extrospection.

To observe and understand life in the same way that we can observe and understand ourselves.

It’s a mix of personal development, self-discovery/exploration, career, social-media, wellness and blogging tips.

Hot topics

Timing really is everything.

If you want to be current (or even ahead of the curve) you have to be intentional about when you bring up particular topics.

The right time is probably considered to be when enough people are interested in order for your work to gain some traction.

Anytime before that and it’s likely to be overlooked.

Anytime after that and people are no longer interested, they’ve moved on to the next hot topic.