What do you want to be known for?

It’s a question worth asking and I’d go so far as to call it mandatory for anyone that puts out content online. Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, writer, social media influencer, youtuber, IGTVer etc.

Having an intention or some sort of direction will be incredibly beneficial.

It helps you figure out what you want to put out, the kind of opportunities you seek and the kind you’re happy to turn down.

On a random Sunday morning a couple weeks back I got thinking about The Daily Gemm and all that it could be. So now I have some long-term plans for this site outside of just posting daily.

It started with me asking myself what I want to be known for on this site. Things outside of consistency and being a writer. I came up with things like storytelling and self help/exploration/discovery.

And so now I’m figuring out how to bring more of that into what I do.

The grand plan

Sunday morning is the perfect time to make plans and daydream.

Take some time and think about an idea or a project that you’ve been working on and write down a grand plan for it. Make it meaningful, more than just I want to make lots of money.

Get right down to the core of your thing.

Ask yourself:

Why do I want to do this?

What am doing to work towards my grand plan?

What am I doing that is not helping me work towards my grand plan?

What can I remove from my life to give me more time and mental space to work towards my grand plan?

Do I believe my grand plan is possible and why or why not?

So now that you’ve given it some thought commit yourself to dedicating time every week to working towards your plans. It can be 20 minutes a day or maybe a couple of hours a few times a week. The point is to take action, start now.

When things don’t go to plan

It’s impossible to be prepared for every possible life circumstance that can arise. We don’t plan for people being unwell, long’term unemployment, falling into a depression, someone stealing your bag etc.

But the more I experience different aspects of life I’m learning to be okay with things that happen.

I remember years ago writing the words ‘I can’t control the things that are out of my control.’

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it and despite knowing that we can’t control everything that happens we often end up still feeling this sense of helplessness.

Around 6 months ago someone stole my bag and I felt helpless but also annoyed. Some stranger now had the lip gloss I’d bought less than a week ago along with my journal.

Whoever took my bag probably hoped to steal something a little more significant so no doubt they were disappointed with what they found as 2 days later my bag was found on the street.

Things didn’t go to plan for them either.

Falling behind

In a matter of weeks I went from scheduling posts a week in advance to throwing something together at 10.30pm the night before.

I was glad that I had the willingness to still try and not just give up and miss a day because I wasn’t as organised as I’d like to be.

The simple truth is I’m falling behind. I’m still writing but I’m not finishing each piece so when it comes to scheduling I still have to edit and that often takes much longer than the writing process.

My saving grace is that I enjoy writing for this blog so even if I only manage a sentence one day, I don’t beat myself up about it.