Paying for free stuff

In a recent discussion online, I got thinking about how when it comes to information or resources we pay for things that we can get for free.

But what I’ve come to realise is that for me it’s not about getting the information, it’s about doing something with it. When you pay money for something you’re more inclined to use it, unless you don’t mind wasting money.

It’s also about trust and how much we value the resources.

Sometimes we forget that time, effort and care goes into the things people create.

I think we’re more likely to trust and value something with a cost from someone who has given us things we trust and value for free.

To the point where even if we could get something similar for free we’d actually prefer to pay for it.

Try something new

I’m a blogger/writer and even though I consider that to be creative, I do it so often that it doesn’t always feel that way. That is the reason that I see great significance in experimenting with my writing.

Outside of my 2 blogs I write poetry, occasionally journal and have a notebook dedicated to writing from writing prompts. Most recently I’ve been coming up with ideas for more journalistic style pieces about life and society. They’ll require research on the topics and also time spent learning about journalism but I’m looking forward to trying something new.

Outside of writing I love arts and crafts, basically just making things with my hands. And what I find incredibly significant to my all around growth is that I’m willing to try new things.

Not to be an expert in them but more to broaden and stretch new muscles because my writing mode is different to my arts and craft mode.

Stained glass and summer projects

I saw this building just over 6 months ago. It had this geometric stained glass exterior and sort of appeared timeless not quite contemporary but also so for from its concrete covered counterparts from decades gone by.

I wanted to capture it and then I got thinking about all the other buildings I’ve seen that have caught my eye. So what if I decided to capture them all, what would I do with them?

An Instagram account doesn’t feel like the right thing. I like the idea of putting them in a physical album or possibly framing some on the walls of my home.

In terms of putting the images out there I could create a site, some sort of dedication to the things that catch my eye, an online portfolio with a catchy name.

That might be my project for the summer.

Daydreams and solitude

I think I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer but also someone who can spend long amounts of time in their own thoughts and their own company.

I did that so freely as a child and it’s only really as I got older that it felt like it became an issue. I fell into trying to be someone outside of who I am because other people would comment negatively on me simply being myself.

As much as I can be so many different things the part of me that just likes to sit and get lost in creating always remains.

Inspired by: Grace Jones

Grace Jones is amazing.

She’s a creative pioneer who many famous people have been heavily influenced by, often unbeknownst to their fans (and sometimes even the people themselves).

She’s Jamaican which is where my family are from, and she’s been a model, singer and even an actress.

Grace has always had this distinctive masculine whilst still being feminine and I adore it. I admire Graces freedom and self-expression because those are things I want at the forefront of how I live my live.

‘Those who demand that you conform the most to how they live are the ones who are the most scared and intimidated by life’



Inspired by: George Clinton

Growing up, I used to be afraid or feel intimidated by people that were freely being themselves.

But now that feeling has turned to inspiration.

I’m inspired by George Clinton as a pioneer, performer, his ideas and song lyrics.

I’m inspired by Clintons’ creativity and that he isn’t afraid to stand out. Growing up it made me realise that the way i dressed and did my hair and makeup didn’t need to be approved of by anyone but myself.

Also, that it’s okay to be what other people consider ‘weird’.