Paris is burning

Last night I read the news that the Notre Dame in Paris was burning, apparently it was 850 years old.

Today I read an article about rich people offering millions to fix it. At first I thought that it was amazing that they were willing to offer so much money but then I changed my mind.

It was interesting that people seemed to express so much sadness over the loss of a building and I couldn’t help but wonder if those feelings were extended to tragedies that involve the loss of human life (then I realised that perhaps I was just being judgmental).

The building was already costly to maintain pre-fire but as it’s a major tourist attraction (visited more than the eiffel tower) it’s understandable why the costs would be considered worth it.

But apparently it’ll cost billions to rebuild/repair.

I can’t help but think about how tragic it is that even if billions are spent to try and recreate what once was it’ll never be the same again.

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