If you want something different

We so often go through life wishing and hoping for things but not taking any action.

It could be wanting a new job because you aren’t happy in your current job but all you do is complain about it.

Wanting to meet new people but never going anywhere new.

Wanting to get fit but coming home after work and sitting in bed watching episodes of a show on Netflix back to back.

Wanting to eat better but only buying frozen food and microwave meals.

We have much more control over our lives than our minds will sometimes have us believe.

If you want something different, try something new.

Something new

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Just kidding because that phrase makes me want to roll my eyes.

But in all seriousness it’s easy to fall into doing the things you’ve always done and putting off exploring life outside of that.

So maybe if you don’t feel totally fulfilled with where you’re at, make a plan and do something.

It could be trying a new restaurant, going on a date, visiting a new city, putting yourself forward for training at work or doing something nice for someone you know.

And like that other common phrase goes, ‘it’s the little things that make a big difference.