Unhelpful prevention methods

Only a small percentage of the population wear surgical masks (or any mask in general) on a regular basis. For everyone else it’s a new thing being done as a prevention method.

But turns out it could be totally useless.

In a recent conversation, someone mentioned they’d spotted a person with their mask upside down.

In a recent article I read it mentioned people putting their masks on unclean surfaces, not changing them regularly, not putting them on correctly and potentially getting droplets of the virus on the inside so the person is now directly breathing in the virus.

Another article stated that normal surgical masks will not protect you against the virus but can help those contaminated not spread it whilst an N95 respirator will (although they are not recommended for public use).

It is also advised to not purchase N95 respirator masks or surgical masks as they’re most needed by people that are sick and healthcare workers.

Turns out, some of us are so caught up in the idea of prevention that we haven’t considered whether what we’re doing is really helping.

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