The wrong time to apologise

Anytime you’re being yourself (within reason of course).

I recently had a situation where I considered apologising. In the end I didn’t.

Instead of saying ‘I’m sorry’, I clarified my thoughts on the situation with the other person. You see after giving it some thought I realised that an apology didn’t feel like the right thing to do.

Granted, I didn’t like how the situation turned out initially but it served as a learning curve, a growth point that I needed to experience.

In the grand scheme it was a small-scale misunderstanding, not something worth regretting.

I, you and we

I’m a personal journal/diary writer. It’s my trade of 10+ years and from doing that writing in first person using ‘I’ is something that comes naturally to me.

But when writing in a space for other people to read I’ve started to realise that unless I’m writing for you to get to know me then I should start using you or we.

And sometimes that means writing and then re-writing. But it’s not just about the use of I. It’s about having this space not feel like my journal (minus names and places).

But sometimes the use of I is necessary because I like to throw in bits of my life here and there so you know where I’m coming from rather than just throwing out things that are ‘helpful’.

Beyond repair

The point of no return where despite your deepest wishes you can’t go back.

But sometimes that’s exactly what we need, to reach a point where we have no choice but to let go and move on.

Up until that point you might find yourself doing everything and anything for the cause even at your own inconvenience in the hope that things are still salvageable.

You do it because deep down you’ve always wanted this to work out and letting go feels like giving up. But the truth is letting go is exactly what you need to do and that isn’t going to change.

The longer you wait, the harder it is and the more time you’ll end up wasting.

But if you still insist on trying to make things work you will eventually reach a point where the situation is beyond repair.

This thing you could have moved on from is now totally unfix-able but you’re still in it.

I’ve learnt something pretty useful that helps in situations like this and that is ‘maybe instead of trying to fix something that isn’t working for you, move on instead. It might be a difficult decision to make but it’ll pay off in the long run’.

Don’t give up yet

When you’re tired the last thing you want to do is keep going but there’s a certain kind of magic that occurs when you push on just that little bit more.

When giving up/giving in is an option but you don’t choose it you open yourself up to possibility of expanding yourself beyond what you may have though was possible.

Sometimes we give up because we don’t think it’s worth it to keep going and sometimes it isn’t, sometimes the best thing to do is stop re-assess and try something new.

But there are times when it’s worth holding on for a little longer, pushing past your usual limit and opening yourself up to possibility.

It could change your life.


Sort of like an apology

I suppose this blog is an indication of where I’m at in life. I’ve noticed slowly more and more personal snippets have seeped into my last few blog posts.

There’s been mentions of people and feelings which I never expected I’d put out on here but I think the only reason I’m okay with it is because I’m keeping things somewhat vague.

This post is sort of an apology because I’ve been using this blog to mull over my personal life and that’s not really what The Daily Gemm is about.

I want to get back to my other kinds of posts that are about observations of life and the human experience.