Here’s the process

I feel like knowing I have to contribute something everyday makes me a little more alert, curious and introspective but in the best possible way.

I’m not just ruminating and pondering over things for my own sake but to catch the spark of what is worth sharing.

I have specific times of my day where writing has been ingrained into my physiology where I am able to write hundreds of words with ease.

It doesn’t feel like effort, it could be compared to pouring water from a teapot into a cup, or perhaps water down a hill.

And so I’m learning to make the most of my peak writing times so when I go to actually schedule my posts all I have to do is edit for spelling, grammar and clarity and pick what to post when.

My aim is to batch schedule posts at the weekend which means I still have time to live my life without worrying what to post each day so that I’m open to seeing and allowing my curiosity to be piqued.

Your personal filing system

I’m a big believer in self-help and mind management, mostly based on my own experiences of how I’ve learnt and implemented things into my life that have transformed it.

I was recently talking ‘minds stuff’ with someone and I used my favourite analogy of going through the filing cabinets of your mind.

It’s like we all have our own personal filing systems that have a log of all our experiences and thoughts and sometimes it’s a mess.

It’s not always easy to manage more cabinets of information than you can counts on your fingers and toes.

When you take a wander down the hallways of your mind  and flick through the files of information, you’ll often end up coming across things you forgotten even existed

The time when you and your sister played outside your childhood home on the pink barbie scooter or the book on insects you used to read as a kid that terrified you because it had illustrations of cockroaches about 100 times bigger than they are in real life.


So this hasn’t hasn’t happened before and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

For the first time since I started daily blogging I missed my 7.15am posting time. I thought I had something scheduled but it turns out I was wrong.

But maybe I’ll use this little slip up as a point of change, or not.

I like posting early and after over 40 days I’ve gotten too familiar with this posting time to switch it up. Granted nobody is eager and waiting at 7.14am for my post to go live and none of you readers will have even noticed but it matters to me.

Consistency is important.

So I’ll share more words tomorrow at 7.15am, promise.

Falling behind

In a matter of weeks I went from scheduling posts a week in advance to throwing something together at 10.30pm the night before.

I was glad that I had the willingness to still try and not just give up and miss a day because I wasn’t as organised as I’d like to be.

The simple truth is I’m falling behind. I’m still writing but I’m not finishing each piece so when it comes to scheduling I still have to edit and that often takes much longer than the writing process.

My saving grace is that I enjoy writing for this blog so even if I only manage a sentence one day, I don’t beat myself up about it.