Missing normal

Suddenly the everyday mundane tings that often got overlooked are the very things that you long for.

The walk to the train station, getting a vanilla latte at your favourite cafe and walks through the city centre on a Saturday afternoon.

Those simple things were part of what was once normal life and although they meant very little at the time, they now represent freedom.

If 6 months ago someone told you that you wouldn’t be allowed to do those everyday things maybe you’d have been glad. The irony is that so often we try to get away from normality but right now you can probably think of nothing you want more.


Don’t look back

…in anger (this has nothing to do with Oasis but I do love that song!).

You can spend your whole life working on improving aspects of your life. Imagine you’ve always struggled with your career and finding something that you like that pays enough that you can live a life you’re happy with you.

Imagine you’ve spent years feeling unsatisfied moving from job to job.

Then all of sudden you find something that is everything you’ve always wanted and you’re finally happy doing what you do to earn a living.

But you’re also left with somewhat of a gaping hole in your heart where that struggle used to be.

Even though things have changed for the better, it feels as though something is missing because you’re lighter now.

What’s missing is the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, worry and the struggle. Yet somehow you might find yourself longing for what once was.

Overcoming is a pretty big deal, acknowledge what you’ve accomplished and don’t look back on what once was.