The getaway plan

When you settle for less in life it’s useful to have a getaway plan.

A ‘I’m pretty unhappy with where I’m at so if things get any worse here’s what I’ll do’ plan.

It’s not that you’re totally miserable, it’s that you don’t get much fulfillment from your current life.

Maybe you have a good stable job, close friends and a decent social life but something seems to be missing. You might be a functioning depressive who isn’t even aware of where you’re at mentally.

The getaway plan doesn’t have to be pack your bags and escape to Oz. It could be getting a new job, a breakup, moving cities or even starting a business.

For me the getaway plan involves taking steps towards my ‘dream life’. A home with a big tub, a bookshelf and fuchsias. A job that doesn’t feel like it’s sucking the life out of me and time to spend writing and creating.

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