The recovery net

After a difficult or challenging life experience whether mental or physical, you end up in a recovery period.

For example, imagine you fall off your bike and break your leg. Your recovery period would be the cast and crutches but eventually you’re walking again. Another example is a breakup, it could take a few weeks or even months to emotionally recover from a relationship ending.

The recovery net is where you end up when you’re not willing to let go of the comfort/safety of being in recovery.

If we go back to the bike story. Imagine, you’re at the point where your leg has healed and you no longer need the crutches but you can’t seem to let them go.

You’re physically ready to ride again but you keep making excuses because you need them when the truth is you’re scared without them. You’re scared of falling.

And with a relationship ending your recovery net might be never committing to one person so that when one situation ends you’ll always have someone else.

The recovery net is the method that we use to protect ourselves from things that brought us some form of harm/pain. Not because we’re in any danger but because the idea of the potential danger scares us so much that we aren’t really ready to make the true leap and risk being hurt again.

The purpose of a shell

The purpose of an animals shell is to protect them from danger.

Humans don’t have physical shells but we do have actions and behaviours that we express in order to protect ourselves.

So, let us play around with the metaphor of us humans having shells.

Perhaps you’re closed off around new people to protect yourself from getting hurt. And in some situations that might save you a lot of hassle and be a useful thing to do.

But what about when it’s time to be vulnerable or what about when you don’t actually need to protect yourself as there is no danger present.

As much as it’s great to know how to protect yourself it’s important to also remember that you don’t need to do it all the time.



Sweet Home Alabama: The Human Life Protection Act (House Bill 314)

So I’m sure you’ve heard about the Alabama Abortion ban (also known as House Bill 314) passed on May 15th 2019 called the ‘Human Life Protection Act’.

This act bans abortions in all cases (including rape and incest) aside from ‘where abortion is necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother’. Abortion will become illegal in November 2019 and those that commit or assist with the act will face years in prison.

Now on hearing this I couldn’t help but think of the fact that self-induced abortions have always been a thing and it’s likely that they will have a resurgence.

Overall I just have a lot of questions…

In what ways will banning abortion benefit society?

Will being forced to have baby that was a result of rape cause further trauma?

Is there expected to be an increase in women giving their babies up for adoption?

Is the ban a way to encourage people to practice safer sex because there will now be higher risk?

Will people that don’t want children change their attitudes towards sex?

How does being forced to carry a pregnancy to full-term effect the mother?

Is this ban expected to significantly increase the population?

Will money be put into supporting these children being born?

I understand that abortions weren’t always legal but what this Human Protection Act has done is take away a right. It’s saying ‘I don’t care whether you want to have this choice or not. You have no choice and if you try to do something about it you’ll be put in prison’.

It’s being presented as ‘abortion is murder etc…’ but I don’t get the impression that this ban was created out of love for zygotes.

The unfortunate thing about these sorts of cases is that the 2 sides are rarely looking at things from the same point.

I doubt anyone in support of the ban will argue with points like We want to police women’s reproductive rights and we don’t believe that they should have a choice in whether or not they have a child’.

And the people against the ban won’t have points like We support murder and believe that women should be able to choose to kill their unborn children’.

Neither of the points above are what has been presented on each side of the argument, yet this is the view that each side have of each other.