Lazy Daisy

Talking is good but doing is better. Lazy Daisy is more than just a strange song by George Clinton or a pair of words that rhyme it’s a phrase that perfectly sums up a trap that so many of us fall into.

Wanting to start new projects, move to a new house, get a new job, take an evening class, learn to drive, visit a friend, exercise, take a holiday or even meditate.

We live in an era of fake busy where it can feel like you have no free time to do the things you want to do. Or maybe, you just can’t be bothered to do them.

It’s much easier to dedicate your evenings to Netflix than it is to dedicate your evenings to yourself. The latter requires much more effort but it is also significantly more valuable.

Don’t get caught in tapping, swiping and scrolling all day pretending that you’re busy when really you might just need to plug out, put your phone down and stop being a Lazy Daisy.

I’ll do it tomorrow

But you’ve been saying that for the past few weeks now.

Tomorrow often seems more convenient or maybe you just hope you’ll be more in the mood to get it done. That’s how hours or days turn into weeks, we hold this belief that we should wait until we’re in the mood but you may never be in the mood.

So you may never get it done.

I’m looking into living more of a ‘do it now’ lifestyle. The main reason is because when I put things off I end up stressed and anxious which is of course no fun at all.

And so perhaps dear reader if you are little bit like me it might be worth making a pledge to yourself to ‘do it now’ more often.