Exploring something new and avoiding regression

Sometimes when things change we spend time hoping and wishing for the the way things once were.

But then when things return to the old way, it doesn’t quite feel the way we thought it would. That’s because you’ve changed and become accustomed to the new way and now the old way no longer fits.

If feels like regression.

And maybe everyone around you feels differently. Perhaps what feels like a step backwards for you feels like getting back to the way things should be for them.

That leaves you with 2 choices. The first is to try and find a way to make the old way fit like it used to. The second is to embrace the new. If something no longer feels aligned you’re unlikely to benefit from trying to force it to feel good.

Newness can be difficult to embrace because it requires trust that you won’t end up looking back on what you once had as something better.

But taking what feels like a risk in order to explore something new is the very essence of life. If you’re simply going to stick with what you know even when it’s no longer working for you, where’s the fun in that?

Does your life align with your values?

Yesterday I wrote about the simple life and after clicking publish I realised that I still had more thoughts to share.

After giving it some thought, I started to question why instead of living the life that we want we decide to pursue other paths. In yesterdays post, I wrote of how it is often the expectations of society however I didn’t consider that actually it can often have a lot to do with being out of alignment with your own values.

If asked the question ‘what do you value in life?’ it’s very unlikely that you would say things like stress, not having free time, feeling overwhelmed, working with people or in an environment where you’re not supported or not having the energy to do things that you enjoy. Yet, those are often traits of the kinds of jobs or lives that we settle into.

There is great value in asking yourself what you value in life and then working towards creating a life that aligns with that.

You don’t need to pay attention to what everyone else is doing or what everyone else is telling you that you should do. Maybe that’s not the sort of life that you will enjoy.

It’s worth so much more to reflect and ask yourself the big questions and follow where you think you want to go. If that leads you to where everyone else is great and if it leads you to a different path that is also great.

It’s about you and what you want rather than conforming or meeting the expectations of others.