Knowing when to leave a tip

Recent I found myself running late and so instead of getting the bus I had to get an uber to make my train on time.

And so there I sat in the back seat feeling slightly anxious and playing the soothing sounds of canon in d major over in my mind in the hopes that it would keep my heart palpitations at bay.

It was my fault that I was running late so I resisted the urge to ask my driver to step on the gas. Instead we made small talk and he commented on what a lovely name I had and asked me where I was headed for the day.

In the end I was earlier than I expected and my driver left me with some much appreciated words of positivity. And so as I headed into the station to platform 4 I decided to tip my driver.

Man on the train

Something insignificant yet so significant is a conversation between strangers on the train.

It’s mood changing, not from happy to sad or vice versa. But it adds something to your day when you can casually chat to someone you don’t know and will perhaps never see again.

It’s a mutual thing too because despite having never met the person there’s a sense of knowing that you’re both willing to override social norms and just talk to each other.