Resisting change

Sometimes we tell ourselves we want to change and that we want things to be different. Then, we resist every opportunity that comes our way.

We turn down the chance to meet people with shared interests when we say we want to make new connections.

We eat chocolate cake for breakfast when we say we want to be healthy and reduce our sugar intake.

We avoid applying for our dream job because we’re worried we won’t get it.

Maybe you can relate to one of these things or maybe you have your own example.

When you resist change your life feels stagnant. You find yourself wanting things but not wanting to make the effort. You might fear things not working.

And that’s valid because things might not work out. But the feeling of knowing it’s time to let your life progress isn’t going to go away until you stop resisting change and open yourself up to the possibilities of life.

Doing what helps

It’s strange how sometimes you can find yourself resisting the very thing that you know will help.

Maybe, it’s because it feels like too much effort or maybe you’ve forgotten how much it might benefit you.

It could be something as simple as going for a walk when you’re feeling down. Perhaps, the thought of putting on proper clothes, doing your hair and seeing other people when you’re not at your best is enough to make you think that staying inside is the better option.

But the longer you stay inside the more difficult it’ll be to convince yourself to go outside.

Sometimes even when you know something might help you can’t being yourselves to do it because you’re not in a hopeful mindset. You don’t feel like trying to make things better because in that moment you don’t even believe it’s possible.

But why not do the thing that might help anyway and see how you feel afterwards. It might not make things better but it definitely won’t make things worse.