Do not disturb

What I find to be true for me and perhaps for many others is that we don’t like to be disturbed, especially when we weren’t interested in the first place.

I was recently sat working on some structural calculations when someone approached me, disturbed me even.

They wanted me to vote for something that I had no idea about. Unfortunately for them I wasn’t interested in finding out because in that moment I just wanted to get on with my calculations.

Yet as I tried my best to politely dismiss them they kept on and said that they’d show me the information from their phone, to make it easier for me.

Perhaps this says something about the mood I was in but I wondered how this stranger felt comfortable continuing to try and get me to care when I had already said I didn’t.

I think at first I appeared unexpectedly nonchalant that this person thought surely I can convince her.

I didn’t want to be disturbed yet it took more than 5 responses before this person finally got it.

Sometimes we express that do not disturb sign in our actions or body language; when your headphones are in, you’re not making eye contact or your head is down.

Yet some people will still choose to ignore it.


I’ve been telling certain people in my life how busy I am but I’ve come to realise that there is more to it than I first thought.

I have a lot of distractions that make great excuses for why I’m not able to give the full effort to certain aspects of my life.

It’s like I’m juggling two balls but choosing to add a third and fourth into the mix even though I’m barely managing with two.

Maybe I’m so scared at giving a couple of things my full effort in case they don’t go well that I just self-sabotage by spreading myself too thin ensuring that nothing will get done well.