Giving up

Sometimes when things look difficult the first thing you want to do is give up.

After all there’s no way you can do it. You’re not smart enough, you’ll fail or someone else can do it better than you.

But sometimes it’s more than that. Maybe the truth is that this difficult thing will force you to challenge yourself and you won’t have the option to hide away.

You’ll have to accept that there’s nothing wrong with not being good at something, with having to ask for help or with not being confident with something that is new.

There is vulnerability in taking on new challenges and knowing that they will force you to grow.

It might be scary but it could be a good thing.

Don’t give up yet

When you’re tired the last thing you want to do is keep going but there’s a certain kind of magic that occurs when you push on just that little bit more.

When giving up/giving in is an option but you don’t choose it you open yourself up to possibility of expanding yourself beyond what you may have though was possible.

Sometimes we give up because we don’t think it’s worth it to keep going and sometimes it isn’t, sometimes the best thing to do is stop re-assess and try something new.

But there are times when it’s worth holding on for a little longer, pushing past your usual limit and opening yourself up to possibility.

It could change your life.